The students’ council of Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka is the only
the organized structure of the faculty students.
Our students’ council Directly influence the academic careers and welfare activities of students.
– Contributes to enhancing the quality of evaluation of the faculty.
– Organizes various types of functions including sports meets.
– Takes the active participation of the interfaculty meets and Fresher’s meets.
– Makes the relationships with the mother council of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.
– Contributes to protect the Free Education of Sri Lanka.
– Makes opportunities to improve the skills of students.

Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka was established in Puliyankulama
premises on 23-04-2001. In the beginning, only 17 students were in our faculty as the first batch. Ever
since our faculty is going with the increasing of students. It shows the peace and harmony of
the faculty. It was a harsh way of the development of our faculty up to now. There are two
· “Saliyapura” struggle.
· 42 days struggle.
The events with blood and tears which led to the success of these struggles were
considered unforgettable turning points. Structure of the Students’ Council There are 5 posts.
1. President.

2. Vice president.
3. Secretary.
4. Editor.
5. Treasurer.

There are 7 committees.

1. Educational committee.
2. Sports committee.
3. Environmental committee.
4. Art committee.
5. Media committee.
6. Food committee.
7.Aswenna committee.


Through the combination of these committees, the students’ council is able to function
effectively. As of today, in the future also the students’ council will perform its responsibilities for the
benefit of students.