• Common Name : Balathana

• Scientific Name : Elusine indica

• Family : Poaceae

• Life cycle : Annual

• Morphological characters : Root system – Fibrous, The roots are strong and can easily grow in compacted soil.

Stem prostrate to ascending stem profusely, branched at base. Stem is laterally branched.

The leaves are linear strips, Leaf sheath is laterally flattened with a long hairs at the collers.

The inflorecsence is terminal, whorl of 3-6 spikes, 1-2 additional spikes bellow the other.

• Propagation : By Seeds

• Agricultural importance : Compete for sunlight, moisture, space and nutrients with dryland field crops.

• Uses : As fodder for livestock and has medicinal value.

• Control measures : Hand weeding and mechanical weeding during land preparation.