• Common Name : Batadella

• Scientific Name : Isachne globosa

• Family : Poaceae

• Life cycle : Perennial

• Morphological characters : Root system – Fibrous.

Culm – Semi prostrate and and rooting at the lower nodes. the internodes cylindrical, hollow, glabrous, the nodes glabrous or pilose.

Sheaths rounded, usually glabrous, one margin ciliate, the collar usually glabrous, sometimes pubescent.

Leaf blades 2-8 cm long, 4-14 mm wide, lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, flat, acuminate, scabrous, sometimes pubescent on one or both surfaces, the margin scabrous.

Panicle 3-12 cm long, the branches ascending to widely spreading, glabrous or scabrous, the pedicels with glandular spots or bands, the pulvini glabrous.

Spikelets 1.8-2.5 mm long, subglobose, obtuse, green or purplish.

• Propagation : By Seeds

• Agricultural importance : Compete for sunlight, moisture, space and nutrients with paddy.

• Uses : As fodder for livestock.

• Control measures : Hand weeding or chemical control – Gramoxone.