The Faculty of Agriculture was established in 2001 with the aim of developing sustainable agricultural systems particularly focused on the production environment of the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka utilizing rural farm settings and natural resources effectively. To achieve this goal, Faculty of Agriculture offers a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Agriculture [BScHons (Agriculture)], of four-year duration. The Bachelor degree programme comprises of semesterbased teaching evaluations in eight semesters, during which different courses are offered by the four academic Departments, namely Agricultural Engineering and Soil Science (ES), Agricultural Systems (AS), Animal and Food Sciences (AF) and Plant Sciences (PS).The core programme spanning through the first five semesters is compulsory for all students. During the 6th and 7th semesters, students can select the specialization module on their
The specialization modules are;
Agricultural Biology
Agricultural Economics and Extension
Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Systems and Management
Animal Production and Technology
Crop Science
Environmental Soil Management
Food and Postharvest Technology

At the end of the 7th Semester, students receive one month industrial training with an industry. During the 8th semester, each student isrequired to conduct an individual research project under the guidance of supervisor/s in the selected specialization module.