• Common Name : Diya gowa

• Scientific Name : Liminocharis flava

• Family : Liminocharitaceae

• Life cycle : Perennial

• Place of collected : Home garden Gampaha

• Date of collected : 2009.08.12

• Morphological characters : Stem – The stem is slightly erect and fleshy.

Roots – The roots are submerged under water or rooted in the mud and the rest parts are above the water surface.

Leaves – The leaves are oval in shape, shiny, and with rounded bases.

Flowers – The flower head is clustered and composed of up to 25 flowers. The flowers are yellow in color

• Propagation : By Seeds or whole plant.

• Agricultural importance : reduce rice

yield as high as 82%, when left uncontrolled. Sixty individual plants/sq. m. can reduce yield by up to 35% (Rice IPM, 2001).

• Uses : the plant is used as

vegetable and the roots are used for medicinal purposes.

• Control measures : Studies show that when the weeds infest some rice fields in South Korea, they are found to be resistant to Bensulfuron-methyl.Thorough land preparation by plowing and harrowing. Keeping seedbeds free of weeds. Hand weeding, Crop rotation.