• Common Name : Gini thana

• Scientific Name : Panicum maximum

• Family : Poaceae

• Life cycle : Annual

• Morphological characters : Rhizome : short, creeping rhizome

Stems : can reach a height of up to 2 m, the stems bend and nodes touch the ground, roots and new plants are formed. Leaf sheaths : are found at the bases of the stems and are covered in fine hairs.

The leaf blades : are up to 35 mm wide and taper to a long fine point.

The inflorescence : is a large multi-branched, open panicle with loose, flexuous branches. The lower branches of the inflorescence are arranged in a whorl.

• Propagation : By seeds

• Agricultural importance: Compete for light, moisture, space and nutrients with crops.

• Uses : Forage for animals

• Control measures : Young plants by selective grass-killers